Apparently if you apply yourself and want something immensely enough, good things come.

Who would’ve thought? 😉

2016, you’ve been good so far. I’m in a much MUCH better place than I was at this time last year. Everything will come one step at a time, baby.

[April 29, 2016 | 7:30pm]


3 thoughts on “Apparently if you apply yourself and want something immensely enough, good things come.

  1. Dan says:

    So much to say, yet so little space. Kinda weird & awkward at the same time. You wouldn’t believe me anyway. I’m not sure I do either! How’s that for being cryptic? Anyways, just keep being remarkable! You are a woman that deserves happiness & success!

    • reallyvillie says:

      Thank you! So kind but who are you? Do I know you?

      • Dan says:

        No, you don’t. That’s the weird thing. I had this really vivid dream where I met this woman with short black hair. We were in an area with other people. It was like a lounge with leather seats. Some kind of lecture was going on. It was about computer science & types of problem solving. While the lecturer was droning on, this woman placed her hand under mine. This part was really vivid. Her hand was so cold. I could feel the warmth of my hand warming hers. I looked at her and she was just looking at the lecturer. I saw that she was wearing a blue shirt with her name on it. It was a type of shirt that you’d see employees wear in a coffee shop or iphone store. I thought it said “Millie” but it really said “Villie.”

        Now, I have never heard or met anyone named Villie before.

        Anyhow, we were all given logic problems to solve and Villie was very good at them. There was a certain problem that came up that Villie & I disagreed on. I never found out the answer because the dream shifted (as dreams often do) to an old movie being shown in a sports bar.(Yeah, I know that’s kind of odd.) Villie was sitting next to me, most of the people inside were talking rather loudly and it was getting hard to hear the movie. After a few minutes, Villie gathered her things off of the counter and walked out the door without saying another word. That is when I woke up.

        This dream seemed so real that I had to find out if there was any meaning to it. So, I got online to see if there was anybody named Villie. Well, there weren’t many, but there was one who looked a lot like the one in my dream. Even though my Villie had short hair and no glasses, she sure had the same face and body type as you. Same joyful eyes. Same inviting smile.

        I’m not sure if any of this means anything or if I’m just trying to jam pieces of the puzzle that really don’t fit into this jigsaw of a dream. However, I do feel that it doesn’t hurt to tell someone whom I don’t really know or probably will never meet in my life that there is someone out there that will always remember who you are. Somehow, I just feel a connection. So, if there is ever a time that you are feeling low or alone, just close your eyes and slide your cold hands under mine. I will keep them warm. After all, we all need to know that there is someone out there who will keep them in their thoughts. Someone who cares.

        And I feel that is enough meaning for anyone.


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